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Dental Implants for missing teeth

July 14, 2015 by Hyslop Dental

If you have a missing tooth or teeth then you will be well aware of the discomfort, embarrassment and difficulties that can arise as a result. Until recently the only real option for many has been a bridge or a full/partial denture. Unfortunately for many people, these types of restoration can be uncomfortable, ill-fitting and unattractive- particularly if you have had them for many years.

Today there is a proven and successful alternative. Dental implants offer a comfortable, strong and attractive way to replace one or more teeth. The process is highly safe and offers long-lasting and natural looking results.

Dental implants are a truly cost-effective treatment for many patients who have struggled in the past. Provided they are well looked after they have the potential to last just as long as your natural teeth.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant comprises of a screw which is placed in the jawbone- effectively replacing the root of your natural tooth. Overtime, your gum fuses with this screw helping to hold it firmly in place. A false tooth (or crown) is then attached to the screw.

A dental implant can be used to replace just one or all of your teeth. A single implant can hold one to two crowns. For several teeth a bridge can be placed on multiple implants. Implants can also be used to hold full dentures in place.

Implants can be fitted with absolutely no effect on the existing teeth (unlike bridges which often require severe removal of the tooth enamel on adjoining teeth).

The screw part of the implant is made from titanium meaning that it is very strong and durable yet inert. Titanium is tolerated well by the body and rarely causes any problem or reaction.

The false tooth will be made from porcelain so that it blends in beautifully with your existing teeth.

What is involved in my dental implant treatment?

From start to finish the process is an involved one. There are many facets involved in dental implant treatment and this will be reflected in the cost. Do bear in mind that any investment (in money and time) is often worthwhile.

Dental implants have a very high success rate (over 95%) and with good care and regular maintenance they have the potential to last just as long as any natural teeth- meaning that you can feel confident in your smile for a lifetime.

Time! At Hyslop Dental our staff invest their time in the preparation of your Dental implant. This will include any diagnostic, analysis and preparation work required before the implant is placed. Patients with previous gum disease may require surgery to re-build bone density- this will be discussed with you if required.

Knowledge – Our professional and dedicated staff are highly trained in the most cutting edge techniques for the placement of implants. We undertake regular training to ensure we can provide our patients with the best available service, products and technology.

Skill – The manufacture and fit of a dental implant takes great skill. Consider the implant itself which is a precision made piece of engineering- manufactured to tolerances of a fraction of a millimetre. The crown, which will be made by a highly skilled dental technician, will need to be the right size, shape and colour to match your existing teeth. It will also be made to withstand the great forces required when you bite.

Follow up and aftercare – Hyslop Dental will arrange continual after-care to ensure that your implant heals well and integrates into the jaw successfully. A long-term oral health plan will be drawn up to include regular check-ups and maintenance as required.

We will also provide you with information, advice and ongoing support so that you can look after your implants at home.

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‘The care given to me by Dr Hyslop and his staff was first class. Dr Hyslop was caring and considerate throughout the appointments and remains so with my follow up care and follow up appointments. I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend this procedure!’

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