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Dermal Fillers

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic substances naturally found in the body which have a hydrating property and give volume, shape and hydration to the skin. Dermal Filler treatments improve your appearance by smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles and folds, reducing their appearance giving you a more youthful look!

They are mostly used in the lower face for deep folds between the nose and mouth, lines in the corners of the mouth, and to create fuller lips. The results are visible instantly and give a natural look. Using very fine needles allows the procedure to be virtually pain free.

The time they last can vary, dependent on treatment areas and the patient, but on average we have found them to last around 12 months making this a very cost effective treatment.


Lip Enhancement

Lip Fillers are the perfect way to add volume and plumpness to lips, whether its a subtle, natural look you are wanting, or to fill and define them.

To find out more, read our Lip Enhancement page.

From £250



Cheek fillers raise the volume of the area above and around your cheekbones. This provides the illusion of a more defined bone structure. By injecting volume under your skin layer, cheek fillers can also smooth out any wrinkles and fine lines.

From £320



Dermal Filler can be used on the chin to stiffen the skin and define the chin and jaw area, strengthening the appearance. Chin filler can lengthen and enhance ones lower facial image creating a more balanced profile.

From £150


Smokers Lines

Dermal filler restores volume to these “smoker’s lines” to help flatten them out, reducing the shadows that make these lip lines more noticeable.

From £220


What is the procedure?

After a local numbing of the skin (if needed) the fillers are injected into the specific area to be treated. They work immediately to lift the skin and soften the lines. After a couple of days, when any redness has subsided, their overall effect improves.

Is it safe?

The fillers used in our clinic have an extremely good safety record and we ourselves have seen no side effects to date. However, manufacturers recommend all patients are warned that there is a rare possibility of side effects and possibly allergic reactions.


Before and After’s 

‘I just want to say Thank you so much for the super job you have done on my front teeth – I never thought they could look this good again! You have made them look so good and I am very grateful to you and Michelle for all the care you have given to me. I would also like to say, not even in my wildest dreams would I have described a dental surgery as being ‘homely’ yet I feel yours does – you and the staff have made that difference!’

Mrs JT 14/2/14