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Lip Enhancements

Lip Fillers are the perfect way to add volume and plumpness to lips which may have lost definition over the years, or maybe you have never had the fullness you would like?

Filler can be added to increase volume in both upper and lower lips which gives a younger appearance, however in some cases, it might be only be one lip that needs the filler to achieve this.

Whether it’s a subtle and natural change or the desire for fuller lips, we can create the perfect treatment for you.

If you would like any further information about our non surgical lip fillers, please contact us by calling 01704 536 003.



Before and After’s 


‘I am delighted with the outcome relating to the recent implants I had placed by you and I feel obliged to write and Thank you! It was not a cheap option but now they have been done it has made such and impact on my day to day life. I now realize what a good decision was made. My confidence is fully restored and it seems money was well spent!’

Mrs JC 14/01/14