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Are You looking For Quick Straight Teeth?

May 18, 2015 by Hyslop Dental

Are you looking for quick straight teeth?

Then look no further!

The Quick Straight Teeth™ orthodontic system available at Hyslop Dental brings our patients an affordable, attractive, comfortable and fast way of getting the smile they’ve always wanted.

Even if you’re very keen to straighten your teeth there can be many factors to put you off. These can range from the high cost of orthodontic treatment to the depressing thought of having to wear painful, ugly metal braces for many months (even years in some cases).

Quick Straight Teeth are a truly modern alternative for those looking to improve the look of their teeth with the minimum of fuss and hassle. For mild to moderate corrections there are two options available- both offering reliable and highly tailored results. Importantly, Quick Straight Teeth have a proven track record- with many patients now benefitting from a beautiful new smile.

Beautifully aligned teeth won’t just improve the look of your smile and boost your confidence. They can also significantly contribute to the overall health of your mouth, cutting your chances of tooth decay by closing gaps and helping you to clean your teeth more easily and thoroughly.

Why not come along for a FREE consultation so that we can advise if Quick Straight Teeth is suitable for you.

What options are available?

Fixed Braces:
• 3M Gemini clear brackets are made from tooth coloured wires and brackets making them practically invisible.
• By focusing on the front 6-8 teeth only and with highly predicted movement treatment can be finished twice as quickly as other systems- making this a highly cost effective option.
• Although pressure is highly focused it is still gentle- meaning that braces are often more comfortable than standard metal systems.

Removable Braces:

• Comprises a series of clear plastic braces that sit over the surface of teeth and are virtually invisible.
• No metal wires and brackets means optimum comfort for you.
• Quick, discreet and highly cost effective.
• Braces can be removed- making eating and cleaning easier. You can also remove them for social occasions or work meetings as required.

So why not get the smile you really want- without anyone even knowing that you are wearing braces!

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